Targeted Intentions
What is your expectation for your communications project? Do you want to effect change in another human being? Then you are in the right place. Please browse the site and then email Targeted Intentions with your project. And if you live in the Twin Cities, in-person meetings are also available. 
You will not find a similar service with the same high-caliber credentials at a lower price. No way! 

Located on the western edge of Minneapolis, Targeted Intentions primarily works with clients in the Twin Cites metropolitan area. One-on-one in person consultation and meetings are available. In this virtual age of the 21st century, it is not only refreshing to have real, old-fashioned communication, but it is also a prerequisite to full knowledge and complete understanding of each client's goal. 

Targeted Intentions offers communications campaigns from large to small for behavioral change in targeted audiences. From resumes to advertising, all the communication campaigns begin with a defined purpose followed by appropriate research. Lots of research within the framework of a strategy. Effective communication is not random. Services are wide ranging and include resumes, cover letters, online profiles (from LinkedIn to dating sites), writing, ghost-writing, editing (copyediting, substantive editing, developmental editing), tutoring in writing and reading, and just about anything related to written communications. Advertising and public relations too. 

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Do your communications strategies take you to your desired destination? Whether it is a resume or a proposal to influence a prospective business partner, communication should influence others to behave and take action to your benefit. 
There are many trains on the Internet-- make sure you choose the right one.