Welcome to Targeted Intentions, a communications service on the edge of the uptown area of Minneapolis. 

Currently, this site is under design and construction. Meanwhile, the messaging continues (open for business since 2009).

Navigating the sea of communicators and agencies: What is the truth behind effective messaging? Read on.

A lot of people claim communications expertise. Some cleverly craft prose to impress while others wave impressive banners or memes. Yet, the truth behind great communications is much simpler. Great communication is much like the iceberg that took down the Titanic ocean liner in 1912. An iceberg is barely visible and yet is fantastic in size and power. Communication appears insignificant but below the surface, great strategy built upon deep and exhaustive research stretches like deep roots to ensure power and force in the desired message.  On the surface, communication should be simple and in its minimalist approach, it should precisely target the audience specifically at the right spot to trigger the desired behavioral change-- in fact, the message may appear simple and easily constructed, but to leverage such power, much below the scenes work was required. There is one breakdown in the Titanic analogy. The iceberg was difficult to see. While communication requires great work to complete, at the end, it should never be deceptive. Great communication is transparent.